Walker declines to file charges against officer

This week, Randolph County State’s Attorney Jeremy Walker stated that he is declining to charge Red Bud Police Officer Luke Horrell with any criminal charges stemming from the May 23 officer involved shooting incident in Red Bud.

According to initial reports, in the early morning hours of May 23, Timothy J. Snyder was fatally shot during an encounter with police near the intersection of State Route 3 (Market Street) and Clarence Drive, on the west end of Red Bud.

The initial reports following the incident stated that Snyder, 27, of St. Charles, MO, had reportedly been traveling on a stolen motorcycle driving recklessly at a high rate of speed up and down State Route 3, going back and forth between Chester and Red Bud. 

On one pass through Red Bud, two Officers, Luke Horrell and Michael Collins, were following Snyder westward out of town, but were not actively pursuing him. Snyder then turned the motorcycle around and came back directly at the officers. The motorcycle went off the road and became stuck in mud on the side of the road. The officers confronted Snyder. A struggle resulted, during which Snyder produced a handgun and shot Collins in the right calf. Both officers ordered Snyder to drop the weapon, which he did not, and Horrell discharged his service weapon. Snyder was shot multiple times and pronounced deceased at the scene.

For more information, please see this week’s print edition.