About Us

The North County News was started on March 26, 1959 by Olin Kettelkamp, who served as the editor.

Based out of Red Bud, the News began as a free publication to 2,400 families of the north Randolph County, Illinois area.  At that time, Trudie Mohr was named the society editor and in June she purchased half interest in the paper. In April of 1961, the paper went to subscription.

The News office has been in several locations over the years, but all have been in Red Bud. The News was first located in the building at 204 South Main. It later moved to 131 North Main until 1976 and then was at 210 South Main. It was also in 1976 that Trudie and her husband Victor Mohr, Sr. purchased Olin Kettelkamp’s share and Trudie became the managing editor.

The News moved to its present location at 124 South Main in 1977. Also that year, Jane Lucht became the editor. She served in that position until her retirement in August of 2008. Taking her place as editor was Mary Koester.

Today, the News still primarily covers the northern part of Randolph County, which includes the cities/villages of Red Bud, Evansville, Prairie du Rocher and Baldwin. They also cover news happenings in other surrounding areas, as well as provide Randolph County wide coverage.

Currently the News offers subscriptions for the print edition as well as a free email news update. The News also offers a variety of printing services.

*North County News history courtesy of Jane Lucht’s book “History of Red Bud and Horse Prairie.”