Number of local active COVID cases is on the rise again

This week saw a significant spike in the number of reported COVID-19 cases in Randolph County.

Last week, Randolph County Health Department Administrator Angela Oathout reported only one active case and no hospitalizations on June 28. On June 30, that number increased to five active cases, and by July 1 there were still only five active cases, but two individuals were also hospitalized.

And on June 30, Oathout reported that random sampling conducted by the Illinois Department of Public Health had found two reported cases of the Delta variant in Randolph County.

Scientists believe the Delta variant may be the most aggressive and contagious strain of the COVID-19 virus seen so far. However, studies have shown that the available vaccines work against variants, including the Delta variant.

By July 6, Oathout noted that the number of active COVID-19 cases in the county had jumped up to 16, and there were still two hospitalized individuals.

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