Hopkins WOD event is a success

PARTICIPATED IN WORKOUT EVENT–Pictured are just a few of the people that participated in the Hopkins Hero WOD event at Design Fitness on June 26.

On June 26, the 6141 Foundation held their first ever Hopkins Hero WOD event, and local gym Design Fitness was one of more than a dozen gyms to host the event.

Foundation 6141 is a non-profit organization that was created to continue the work that Illinois State Trooper Nick Hopkins carried out through his lifetime. Hopkins was fatally shot and killed in the line of duty in East St. Louis on Aug. 22, 2019.

The foundation notes on its website, www.foundation6141.com, that “The goal behind the foundation is to make a better tomorrow for people throughout the surrounding communities. Many individuals work hard to provide for their families, but occasionally a momentary setback can take place, putting these individuals and families into a rough spot, finding it hard to get back on track. The foundation has made a commitment to be there when hardships happen; stepping in to help with everyday needs, assisting these families to get back on their feet.”

Those wanting to participate in the Hopkins Hero WOD event could chose to do a virtual workout or go to one of the participating host gyms. 

For more on the Hopkins Hero WOD event, please see this week’s print edition.