Clifftop has made a new acquisition

RECENT ACQUISITION–Clifftop recently added on to the White Rock Nature Preserve with the acquisition of a 100 acre forest section and the 54 acre Luella Schaefer Memorial Hill Prairie Land and Water Reserve. Please note that in the illustration, the boundaries of the 100 acre forested addition are approximate.

Local conservation organization, Clifftop NFP, recently completed the purchase of a 100-acre forested addition to the White Rock Nature Preserve off Bluff Road in Monroe County which links the Nature Preserve to the southeast portion of Clifftop’s White Rock Land and Water Reserve (L&WR). Also included in the acquisition was the 54-acre Luella Schaefer Memorial Hill Prairies Land and Water Reserve, which adjoins the northwest portion of the White Rock L&WR.

For more on Clifftop’s purchase, please see this week’s print edition.