Susan Harbaugh unanimously voted in as Red Bud’s new mayor

SWORN IN–During a special meeting on Monday night, after much discussion, the Red Bud City Council unanimously elected Susan Harbaugh as the acting mayor. She is pictured shaking hands with City Administrative Assistant Pam Poetker after she gave Harbaugh her oath of office.

For the past two weeks, the biggest question in Red Bud was who will the new mayor be? 

The proposition of the city getting a new mayor was first brought up when the agenda for the city council’s July 6 regular meeting was announced. That agenda noted that Mayor Tim Lowry would be resigning and the council electing an acting mayor.

However, Lowry did not resign that night. He instead submitted a letter of resignation, effective on July 19 when the council would normally hold their committee meetings. With his resignation though, the council preceded the committee meetings with a special council meeting to elect the acting mayor.

Quite the crowd was in attendance or tuned in on the city’s YouTube page to watch the special meeting.

The meeting started with City Administrative Assistant Pam Poetker noting they have received the resignation letter from Lowry (who was not in attendance that evening). Then, the council elected Alderman Rodney Nevois to serve as the temporary meeting chair.

For more from this special meeting, please see this week’s print edition.