Lowry to resign as mayor later this month

Tim Lowry

Listed on the agenda for the July 6 Red Bud City Council meeting agenda was the resignation of Mayor Tim Lowry, as well as the election of a new mayor. However, Lowry ended up not resigning that night.

Lowry read a statement at the meeting to address the matter. He stated, “This evening there is a spot on the agenda regarding my resignation as mayor. There is a pending issue I have personally which will cause me to take this action. I want to be clear that this issue has nothing to do with the City of Red Bud nor any of my actions as mayor. Due to this pending issue, I am not at liberty to publicly comment at this time. 

“It has been brought to my attention that allowing some additional time for me to formally take care of current duties would be beneficial to the city. This would also help the city council to ensure the transition would be done with the least amount of disruption. For this reason, I will postpone my official resignation until a later date in July.”

For more information on Lowry’s resignation, please see this week’s print edition.