Local schools now facing food distribution issues

Local school districts are facing yet another difficulty this year as they are now dealing with food distribution issues.

In an email on Aug. 31, Red Bud School District Superintendent Jonathan Tallman shared information about the developing situation with district families.

“I was made aware late last week that the shortages that we have seen/experienced in a variety of markets have hit school meals, and unfortunately, have now reached our region. I have heard other districts in the state…and in the country, discuss this impact, and until now, our region has been spared,” Tallman stated. 

“The districts in our region were notified by our food distributor (nearly every district in our area uses the same distributor) that deliveries could not be guaranteed, and that we were to expect very little choice in what is available. Food shortages, as well as a lack of drivers, are the sources of this issue.”

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