Kennedy brothers win medals at state fair

MEDAL AT STATE–Brothers Luke, at right, and Jack Kennedy took home first and second place medals from the Illinois State Fair last weekend for their aerospace projects.

This past June, Luke and Jack Kennedy were hoping to win a trip to the Illinois State Fair. They first had to present their projects to the judges at the Monroe County 4-H “Show-a-Rama.” Both boys chose the aerospace division, where they would not only be competing against numerous other participants in the county but also against each other. The challenge was on. 

Luke’s choice topic was the Korean War’s infamous “MiG Alley.” He built a very informative display board and two aircraft, a Russian MiG 15 and an American F-86 Super Sabre. 

Jack chose to go further back in time to World War II’s infamous “German Luftwaffe.” He built several planes including the He 111H-6 Heinkel bomber.

For more on the Kennedy brothers, please see this week’s print edition.