City issued statement about gas usage and bills

On March 29, The City of Red Bud issued a press release concerning gas usage and billing.

It noted that in mid-February, Winter Storm Uri deeply impacted the Midwest region with sustained record low temperatures and devastating snow and ice storms across a large portion of the United States. 

In addition, Symmetry Energy Solutions offered the following overview:

“As a result of the storm and the extended period of extremely low temperatures, physical gas and power infrastructure was severely impaired. Specifically, well-head freeze-offs occurred, and gas processing plants and pipelines failed. This resulted in reduced natural gas supply and limited the ability to distribute and deliver natural gas on the system. At the same time, demand for natural gas was higher than normal due to increased heating demand during the extremely cold weather.

“This considerable increase in demand, coupled with a severe reduction in supply, resulted in extremely high natural gas prices in almost every market we serve. Importantly, this was a market-wide event and virtually all industry participants were impacted – not just Symmetry.

For more on the city gas usage bills, please see this week’s print edition.