Push being made to reopen the state

Governor Pritzker to announce reopening plan this week

As things are starting to look better, there is a continued call for Illinois Governor JB Pritzker to move the state into the final phase of the Restore Illinois Plan and fully reopen the state.

State Senator Terri Bryant held a press conference last week, then issued a press release on March 15, asking the governor what his reopening plan was. 

“It has been almost a year since Governor Pritzker issued his first ‘stay-at-home’ order and upended the lives of residents, students and businesses across the state. That is almost 365 days in which the governor has unilaterally imposed restriction after restriction on the businesses and residents of this state all in the name of public safety. That is almost 52 weeks in which Illinoisans have lived with instability and under uncertainty as to what their governor will impose, limit or deny them next,” Bryant said in her press release.

“Enough is enough. The time has come in which Illinois should be allowed to move forward to begin recovery and reclaim the normality that has been deprived to them since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.”

She also pointed out that all of the state is currently in Phase 4 of the Restore Illinois Plan, there is a vaccine and the state’s numbers are the lowest they’ve been.

For more on the state’s reopening plan, please see this week’s print edition.