Important reminders for Red Bud residents

Red Bud Police Chief John Brittingham wanted to issue an important reminder to those driving utility terrain vehicles (UTVs) in Red Bud.

He stated, “UTVs are NOT allowed on the highways. That means Route 3, 159 and 154 are off limits. Reminder, second offense of any violation or combination of violations is the revocation of your permit.”

Late last year, the Red Bud City Council approved of allowing recreational non-highway vehicles, specifically UTVs, to be permitted for operation on city streets where the speed limit is 35 miles per hour or less. 

Please note that all terrain vehicles (ATVs), golf carts and other low speed vehicles or off-highway motorcycles are still prohibited.

In order to legally be operated in Red Bud, each UTV must have a valid permit sticker issued by the city displayed on the rear of the vehicle. To get the permit, the owner needs to go to city hall to get the permit paperwork and pass an inspection of the vehicle. Required equipment on the vehicles includes lights (brake, headlights, tail lights and turn signals) and seat belts for each passenger.

For more, please see this week’s print edition.