GMWL and StPLC provide goats to children in Kenya

GOAT RECIPIENTS–Pictured are some of the children in Kenya that have been recipients of goats through the Bible story reading program at St. Peter’s Lutheran Church in Emden, the GOAT project, in partnership with the local non-profit Give Me Water Lord. This program helps orphans, single mothers and other needy children in Kenya that need a hand. A goat is able to supply the daily necessities of milk or meat, but also and perhaps more importantly, an eduction in finances. Children can sell the milk, start a herd or sell the young from their goats. These children each received goats provided by Troy and Crystal MacNaughton of Canora, Saskatchewan, Canada.

Local non-profit organization Give Me Water Lord (GMWL) has partnered with the youth group at St. Peter’s Lutheran Church of Emden, IL (StPLC) to create the GOAT project, which benefits children in need in Kenya.

GOAT stands for “God’s Oral Account Team,” and is the sponsored Bible reading and sharing program at StPLC.

“There’s a lot of excitement on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean,” said Sylvia Klockkenga of StPLC and chair of the project.

For more on the GOAT project, please see this week’s print edition.