Evansville honors Ronald Schenk

FIFTY YEARS OF BUSINESS–Members of the Evansville Village Board, as well as other business owners and members of the community honored Ronald Schenk on March 8 for owning Schenk’s Market for 50 years.

Members of the Evansville Village Board were excited to give special recognition to Ronald Schenk on March 8.

While the presentation took place prior to the village board meeting that evening, Village President Erwin “Red” Becker reported on it. He stated that Schenk, the owner of Schenk’s Market, has been in business and serving the community for 50 years.

So Becker, along with members of the village board, local business owners, family and friends, surprised Schenk by stopping in at the store and presented him with a plaque. “He was totally surprised,” Becker said.

In other board matters, several village improvement items were discussed at the meeting.

Trustee Pam Brueggemann presented the board with information on purchasing a root cutter for the village’s sewer lines. She stated that the village is still dealing with the ongoing issue of residents flushing wet wipes which clog the lines. This cutter would help clear out the lines of any wipes, as well as any roots or other clogs.

Trustee Darren Kempfer felt that this root cutter would be a good deal and helpful for the town.

For more from the Evansville Village Board meeting, please see this week’s print edition.