County purchased property in Chester

ACQUIRED PROPERTY–At their meeting on May 14, the Randolph County Board of Commissioners approved of purchasing the Mulholland property in Chester and an adjacent vacant lot. Pictured is the Mulholland property with the county courthouse in the background.

Acquiring property, roof replacement bids and a proclamation declaring National Prevention Week were among the items discussed by the Randolph County Board of Commissioners at their May 14 meeting.

Randolph County State’s Attorney Jeremy Walker presented the commissioners with two resolutions concerning the acquisition of real estate property. 

The first, he noted, was for the Mulholland property, which is located near the courthouse in Chester. Formerly the building was the site of John E. Mulholland Jr.’s consulting, engineering and land surveying business. Walker noted that Mulholland had passed some time ago and that the property has been for sale for awhile.

He added that there had been some discussions about the county purchasing the property, so he and a few other county officials took a look at the property. “Inside is in fairly good condition,” Walker reported. He stated that it would be ideal for storage.

The property, with an address of 612 Chestnut Street, consists of two lots, with one having the building and the other as a grassy lot.

Walker said that they gave a conditional offer of $35,000 to the Mulholland estate for the property, which the estate accepted. Following the commissioners’ approval, he noted that they are looking on closing on the property on June 1 or sooner.

For more from the Board of Commissioners meeting, please see this week’s print edition.