Backwoods to open for Head East at Rocher’s 300th celebration

OPENING BAND–Local band Backwoods is excited to be opening for Head East this Saturday, July 9 at Prairie du Rocher’s 300th birthday celebration. Members of the band include: Lyle Junge, Randy Hill, Frank Melliere, Carl Smith and Robert Gallagher.

Well known in the area, local band Backwoods, “The Bad Boys of Boogie-Woogie,” are extremely excited to be opening for Head East this weekend at the Prairie du Rocher 300th birthday celebration.

Formed in the late 1960s as Backwoods Country, they are known for playing classic rock and roll, as well as numerous original songs.

While the members of the band have changed a bit over the years, the lineup since the late 1980s has been Randy Hill, Robert Gallagher, Carl Smith, Lyle Junge and Frank Melliere. Of those, Gallagher is the only original member.

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