1860 Public House will hold grand opening Saturday

OPENING THIS WEEKEND–The long awaited 1860 Public House will open in Red Bud this Saturday, July 22. Pictured during a soft opening at the restaurant are: Robb and Allison Wiesen, and Kathy and Kalin Liefer. Photo courtesy of Erica Mollet/Forever Young Photography.

Nestled in the heart of downtown Red Bud at 102 South Main Street, the Opera House has been the home to many businesses over the years. And this weekend, a new chapter will start there as the 1860 Public House opens to the public.

Not too long after the Opera House Bistro closed in May last year, work began on renovating the building and preparing it to become the 1860 Public House. With the work completed, staff hired (although they’re still looking for some more), menus created, and some soft openings successfully held, the new restaurant will hold its grand opening this Saturday, July 22.

For more on the 1860 Public House, please see this week’s print edition.