Winter storm brought severe cold and lots of snow to the local area

FUN IN THE SNOW–While the storm continued to drop more snow on Monday afternoon, Justin Stengel, at left, and Devin Candler braved the sub-zero temperatures and enjoyed sledding down and snowboarding on one of the big piles of snow next to the Red Bud City Hall Park.

Winter decided to come back with a vengeance late last week bringing bone chilling single digit temperatures for the weekend, and then added an abundance of snow to start this week.

With area schools called off for most of last week due to ice, snow, freezing temperatures and unsafe driving conditions, the trend continued this week with most schools opting to call off in person attendance and switch to remote learning.

The total amount of snow that fell on the local area ranges, especially considering the height of some of the snow drifts. The National Weather Service in St. Louis reported a total of 5.7 inches fell on Monday, Feb. 15, and the total for the month of February was 8.1 inches. However, further south the amount of snowfall was a bit higher.

According to multiple news outlets, some of the snowfall totals from Monday’s snow storm included: 7.5 inches in Waterloo, 8.5 inches in Red Bud, 8.8 inches in Marissa and 9.5 inches in Freeburg.

For more on the winter storm, please see this week’s print edition.