Visit Washington D.C.

St. John’s Lutheran School’s eighth grade class took their annual trip to Washington D.C. on April 27-May 4. Pictured is the group during their stop at the Ark Encounter in Kentucky. In front: Madi Proctor, Traci Proctor, Julie Fleming, Amber Piel, Kari Luthy, Amy Mulherin, Steve Mattingly and Tiffany Trost; in back: Pam Horrell, Stephanie Liefer, Glenn Wolter, Kristin Wolter, Natalie Liefer, Matt Liefer, Staci Candler, Riley Candler, Jared Heller, Sophie Heller, Anna Wolter, Ashton Liefer, Mitchell Fleming, Alan Piel, Aubrey Piel, Simone Liefer, Greg Guebert, Grace Guebert, Kyle Loughner, Natalie Guebert, Logan Salger, Carolyne Mulherin, Kane Trost, Madison Kirkland, Jeniffer Tepe, Cynthia Cogar, Landon Luthy, John Tepe, Noah Tepe, Tom Mulherin, Sheri Salger, Chris Salger and Principal Deitt Schneider. For the students’ full report on their trip to Washington D.C., please see this week’s print edition.