Upcoming presentations to inform public about the Christian religion

Are you curious about the Christian religion, or just have some questions that you’d like answered? A series of presentations that will be held locally in February hopes to help with that.

Four years ago, a group of individuals representing St. Peter’s Lutheran Church in Evansville and St. John’s Lutheran Church in Ruma attended a stewardship conference in Springfield.

Attending were: Nathan Koester, Doris Liefer and Jill Phegley. They immediately formed a dual-parish stewardship committee and got to work. Joining the committee were Troy Birch, Rachel Mehring and Pastor Thomas Handrick.

The group received a lot of information at the conference and started getting ideas. “We got fired up and felt we should do something,” noted Liefer.

She pointed out that memberships at churches, all churches, are declining and they wanted to do something to draw people back.

Liefer and Koester added that churches used to be the social center for a town, but that is no longer the case. “Now it’s just biblical; church isn’t social,” Koester said.

In addition, sporting events are now being held on Sunday mornings, thus cutting into church attendance even more.

“We’re trying to revive it. We all took our congregations’ existences for granted,” Koester continued. “But the conference fueled our fires and gave us lots of ideas. So we decided to start a committee.”

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