Twelfth Night Ball was held last Saturday night in Prairie du Rocher

BALL ROYALTY–Crowned the queen and king of this year’s Twelfth Night Ball were Lola and Mark Groves of St. Louis, Missouri. The pair are pictured going for a spin out on the dance floor. For more pictures from the ball, please see this week’s print edition.

Quite a crowd turned out for the annual Twelfth Night Ball held last Saturday in Prairie du Rocher. This year’s ball was special as 2020 is a leap year, making it a “queen’s ball.” 

Normally at the ball, the tradition is for the court to be determined by serving all of the gentlemen in attendance pieces of the king’s cake. Beans are hidden in the cake and the first to find a bean is declared the king. The others finding beans make up the rest of the court. No one knows the locations of the beans, so the selection of the court royalty each year is completely left to chance.

This year though, it was the ladies’ turn and they had their chance at trying to find the beans.

Crowned as this year’s queen was Lola Groves of St. Louis, Missouri. Her king was Mark Groves, also of St. Louis.

For more from the Twelfth Night Ball, please see this week’s print edition.