Trost teaching her largest class of second generation students

SECOND GENERATION OF STUDENTS–Donna Trost, the first grade teacher at St. John the Baptist Catholic School, is pictured with her current students plus the parents of 13 of those students that were previous students of hers. Pictured are: in front: Josh Sauer, Maggie Roy, Mikayla Shields, Katie Juelfs, Trost, Brynn Westermann, Lane Cowell and Mason Mehring; in the second row: Griffin Schneider, Hailey Jones, Emma Eckart, Charlie Murry, Owen Cowell, Evan Brewer, Lance Nottmeier and Liam Ohlau; in the third row: Rachel Jones, Emily Brewer, Jenna Schneider, Angela Shields and Rhonda Juelfs; in the fourth row: Laura Murry, Michelle Cowell, Stephanie Westermann and Mathew Mehring; in back: Caleb Cowell, Matt Eckart, Scott Sauer, Stacey Nottmeier and Matt Cowell.

Donna Trost is currently in her 41st year of teaching first grade at St. John the Baptist Catholic School. And while teaching the children of former students isn’t necessarily a new thing for Trost, this year she has her biggest batch of second generation students.

Out of her class of 15 students, she has taught at least one parent of 13 of them. “It’s very neat,” she commented.

“It’s special. I thought it would make me feel old, but it makes me feel special that families come back here (to St. John’s),” Trost added. “There’s lots of reminiscing.

When talking about teaching second generation students, Trost also pointed out that she has also taught some of her fellow teachers at the school. Leslie Grohmann, who teaches kindergarten, was in Trost’s very first class. Other teachers she taught include Morgan Mueth (second/third grade teacher) and Jamie Hohgrefe (prekindergarten teacher). “It’s so much fun to teach with those I’ve taught. They take such good care of me.”

The diocese honored Trost this past fall for her 40 years of service. But recently at the school’s annual spring musical, Trost was able to get a picture with her current students plus their parents she had previously taught.

Trost notes that she has always taught first grade, and has been able to stay all those years in the same room at St. John’s. “I like what I do and can’t imagine doing anything else.”

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