Trinity Church is 150 years old

Trinity Lutheran Church

Trinity Lutheran Church’s congregation celebrated its 175th anniversary in 2017. When the early German settlers arrived here, they held church services in their homes. As more settlers arrived, it was necessary to build bigger churches.

Due to natural growth and immigration, the second church soon became too small, and in late 1867, the congregation decided to build another new church which is the present one.

The architect was Frederic Voss, and the size was 75 x 43 x 29 feet with a steeple about 120 feet high. It still remains this size.

Work on the church began in early 1868, and on May 13 a cornerstone was laid. The new brick building was ready for dedication on Dec. 3, 1868. The cost of this church was $14,000.

The footing for the foundation was dug about six feet deep and filled in with large sandstones which were obtained from near Hecker or Smithton. All of the bricks were hauled by horse and wagon from Belleville. The first cross erected was removed, and the present one erected in 1908. It was brought here in a wagon pulled by a team of horses.

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