Special parade surprises local couple

SURPRISED BY PARADE–Alisha Houston and Nathan Ehlers were surprised by an impromptu parade of family and friends driving past their home last Saturday. The couple had planned to get married that day, but due to the pandemic were forced to postpone the wedding. They, along with daughter Natalie Ehlers, are pictured with signs that their family made for the parade.

Most brides begin planning out their wedding months in advance, dreaming about the day and sometimes worrying about a variety of “what-ifs.”

Local bride Alisha Houston started planning out her wedding to Nathan Ehlers last June, and they were happily counting down to the big day on March 28. Unfortunately, like many other events, due to the COVID-19 pandemic their wedding had to be postponed.

“I told Nathan this is like something made up only by crazy bride nightmares before the wedding… a virus hits and everyone is quarantined and the wedding has to be cancelled? It’s unheard of,” Alisha told the North County News.

“I was having the worst day ever. I should have been saying I do and experiencing the best day of my life,” Alisha said about last Saturday. “My day was going in a downward spiral and all of a sudden I hear horns honking and look out the window.”

There she saw what she is calling “the single most thoughtful, biggest and best surprise anyone has ever done for me.”

Her family, along with some friends, had decided to hold a special parade for the couple. “My family drove from all over St. Louis, some over an hour and a half away, just to do this parade and remind us we weren’t alone.”

Alisha said that around 60 family members and friends participated in the surprise parade. Neither she nor Nathan had any idea her family had planned this for them.

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