School board looks at sub options and AP classes

At their Nov. 17 meeting, the Red Bud Board of Education addressed the issue of a substitute teacher shortage as well as introducing advanced placement classes.

Superintendent Jonathan Tallman noted that it has been challenging to find enough substitutes to cover for staff that are out on quarantine.

So it was proposed that the board approve of changing their policy for this school year. Tallman explained that currently the policy allows for some individuals to serve as volunteer coaches or in a non-instructional capacity. However, these individuals are still qualified and vetted prior to working with students. 

He suggested that the board amend the policy this year to allow these individuals to be able to substitute in classrooms.

The board approved of the idea.

High School Principal Alan Guehne discussed with the board the idea of adding advanced placement (AP) classes and utilizing weighted grades at the high school.

In his list of recommended school year course changes, Guehne noted that he would like to include AP class offerings.

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