School board asked to help dyslexic students

A question on raising awareness for dyslexia and student recognitions were the main topics of discussion at the April 18 Red Bud Board of Education meeting.

Amy Wolter, whose son has dyslexia, addressed the board on the matter. “I want to raise awareness and see how Red Bud can better serve students,” she told the board.

She noted that dyslexia is a difference in brain function and can affect how these students read and learn. Often, these students fall through the cracks. 

And while it does not mean that all these students are dyslexic, she said that there are currently 91 students at Red Bud Elementary that are in Title 1 reading (which provides extra instruction).

Wolter also shared some interesting statistics, noting that the high school drop out rate for dyslexics is at 35 percent; that 85 percent of juvenile offenders are thought to be dyslexic; 80 percent of inmates are functionally illiterate and thought to be dyslexic; and those with dyslexia have a higher rate of suicide. “These are terrifying statistics for a parent of a dyslexic child,” she said.

“If identified early and they receive tutoring, they can be helped,” Wolter added. She also pointed out that over 50 percent of NASA employees have dyslexia; and that 60 percent of self made millionaires are dyslexic.

For more from the Red Bud Board of Education meeting, please see this week’s print edition.