Saturday’s Eagle Fest well attended

EAGLE FEST–Sandra Lowe with the World Bird Sanctuary is pictured with Sanibel the bald eagle at last Saturday’s Eagle Fest event.

Saturday’s weather was almost perfect, drawing quite a crowd out for the annual Eagle Fest event.

Held at the Jerry F. Costello Lock and Dam the event naturally featured eagles. In addition to being able to see a few wild bald eagles flying or roosting in the area, there were spotting scopes set up to view an eagle’s nest, and the World Bird Sanctuary (WBS) of Valley Park, MO, brought in a pair of education birds for multiple presentations.

This year’s birds were Sanibel the bald eagle and Tsvao a Bateleur eagle. Showing off the eagles were WBS handlers Tess Rogers and Sandra Lowe.

While Lowe walked around showing off the eagles, Rogers gave background information on these eagles, as well as information about both species.

Tsavo was caught in the wild in Cameroon. He came to the World Bird Sanctuary from Canada, where he had been part of a zoo show. At WBS, he is used as an educational bird and helps spread the message about the dangers of the illegal bird trade. 

For more from this year’s Eagle Fest, please see this week’s print edition.