Red Bud’s Pizza Hut store closed Tuesday

CLOSED–The Red Bud Pizza Hut location was one of approximately 300 Pizza Hut locations across the country that were closed. Pictured is the now empty store on Tuesday.

On Tuesday, Sept. 8, many people looking to get pizza for lunch may have been surprised by the fact that the Red Bud Pizza Hut location had been abruptly closed that morning.

Phone calls to the store were unanswered and a sign on the door simply stated, “We’re Sorry! This restaurant has closed.” The sign also listed the addresses of the Waterloo and Sparta Pizza Hut locations.

As of that day, had also already removed the Red Bud location from their online store locator.

It was reported by several news outlets that in early July, franchisee NPC International had filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. By mid-August, NPC had made an agreement with Yum! Brands (this chain owns Pizza Hut, as well as Taco Bell and KFC) to close around 300 Pizza Hut locations across the country, as well as put the remaining stores up for sale.

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