Red Bud Police catch tire thief and bust grow operation last week

BUST DRUG GROWING OPERATION–The Red Bud Police Department busted a growing operation inside of Red Bud last week. Pictured with the seized materials are Officer Luke Horrell, Police Chief John Brittingham and Officer Carl Williams.

The Red Bud Police Department was busy last week in that they apprehended an individual that stole the tires/rims off of a vehicle, as well as busted a drug growing operation.

According to Red Bud Police Chief John Brittingham, on June 26, the police department received a complaint of an individual having stolen some food items from the Dollar General Store. The individual was identified as Jon P. Linnertz, 42, of Red Bud.

Police Officer Luke Horrell responded to the call, but Linnertz had already left. The store did file a complaint for the theft.

Later, around 1-2 a.m., Officer Chris Hewitt was at the Casey’s General Store and spotted Linnertz. Hewitt knew about the theft complaint and initiated an arrest. Linnertz resisted, but was cuffed and placed into Hewitt’s squad car.

Hewitt returned inside of the store to recover drug paraphernalia he had removed from Linnertz during the arrest. As Hewitt was returning to his squad car, Linnertz was escaping. Hewitt recaptured Linnertz, placing him in the squad car again and transported him to the Randolph County Jail.

During the investigation, it was reported to the police department that there were tires and rims in the back of Linnertz’s vehicle.

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