Red Bud Industries celebrating 60 years of blessings this year

In 1959, Ken Voges, at 23 years old, started his business called ABC Metal Products.

It wasn’t long that his parents, Bill and Esther Voges, joined the company, and then his wife Joan joined the firm two years later. With the help of his wife and parents, he pursued any metal product that would keep the fledgling startup business’ doors open. It began as a machine shop, soon followed by tool and die work, welding round telephone booths, then automating large dies for a local customer. 

Even during those early years of uncertainty, the “old timers” were laying the foundations that would sustain Red Bud Industries (RBI) for the next 60 years. Prayer, faith in God, strong family ties and unwavering commitment became ingrained in the culture. RBI eventually found a home in the coil processing industry.

Its first mainstream success was becoming “the” high tolerance light gage multi-blanking company. As the company grew, so did the product line which now includes slitting lines, tension leveling lines and stretcher levelers, which processes metal coils up to one inch in thickness. 

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