Red Bud Firemen held mini parade

IMPROMPTU PARADE–Several Red Bud firemen and their families participated in a mini parade around Red Bud on Sunday afternoon.

This past weekend was supposed to be the annual Red Bud Firemen’s Picnic, but this year’s event was canceled due to COVID-19 concerns.

However, the Red Bud firemen couldn’t let the weekend go by without doing something to recognize the event. So on Sunday afternoon, at the time the annual parade would regularly be held, the firemen held an impromptu parade.

Fire Chief Sean Landgraf explained, “The impromptu parade was thrown together Sunday morning. We decided to drive the trucks down Locust Street to keep the tradition alive.”

He continued, “After we made it down Locust, we branched off throughout the city and threw candy to any kids we could find.” He estimated they saw around 200 people out during their parade.

For more on the firemen’s mini parade, please see this week’s print edition.