RBI honors two retiring employees

RETIRED–James Jansen and Allen Webb recently retired from Red Bud Industries. Pictured at the celebration of their retirement are: James Jansen, Valerie Jansen, Jill Webb and Allen Webb.

Red Bud Industries recently honored James Jansen and Allen Webb on their retirement. Jansen and Webb were honored with a celebration at the Lieferbrau Brewery on Friday, March 6. 

Jansen started at Red Bud Industries in 2005 helping with the assembly of RBI straighteners and uncoilers. Soon after, Jansen started to travel and service RBI equipment at their customers’ coil processing facilities. He was very willing to do whatever was required of him on these trips and could be counted on for whatever was needed at that time. 

Webb started at Red Bud Industries in 1998 in the electrical department, but soon moved into the service department. Webb helped with line start-ups and training at customer’s facilities. He was asked to help with properly checking RBI lines prior to shipping because of his attention to detail. Webb was very thorough which made him an easy candidate for taking on this huge responsibility. 

For more on these retirees, please see this week’s print edition.