Randolph County jail received grant

At their Feb. 8 board meeting, the Randolph County Commissioners noted that the county jail had received a grant and that the county would be participating in the Illinois Cyber Navigator Program.

Commissioner Ronnie White reported that the jail had received an $8,000 grant from their insurance company, Illinois Counties Risk Management Trust (ICRMT). He stated that the grant would be used for digital logging at the jail, which would cut down on paperwork and make the jail more efficient.

Randolph County Sheriff Shannon Wolff told the North County News that the specific program they will be using is the Guardian system.

Wolff noted that this system utilizes barcodes. Inmates will wear identification bracelets that have a barcode. This bracelet provides essential information on the inmate, including medial information/medications they are taking, the date incarcerated, release date, their charges and any other special instructions.

There are also barcodes on the cell blocks that the jailers will scan. These barcodes will provide information on which inmates are housed in that block and provides alerts. When a jailer completes a cell check, they will also scan this cell block barcode so that the cell check is logged into the Lawman system.

The Guardian system also provides alerts to the jailers of when inmates are scheduled to receive medications and when cell checks are due.

Wolff stated that the cost to implement the Guardian system at the jail was $13,000. The ICRMT grant paid for $8,000 of that cost. The additional $5,000 came from the inmate commissary fund. “It was bought at absolutely no cost to the taxpayers,” he said.

For more from the Board of Commissioners meeting, please see this week’s print edition.