Randolph County Jail has favorable inspection

Randolph County Sheriff Shannon Wolff is happy to report that he recently received a favorable report about the annual jail inspection.

Each year, the Illinois Department of Corrections inspects each county jail and makes the results available for public review. It was noted that IDOC Criminal Justice Specialist Dianne Fritschle inspected the Randolph County Jail in June of this year.

In the inspection report, numerous improvements since the previous year’s inspection were reported.

IDOC Office of Jail and Detention Standards Manager Mike Funk stated of the improvements, “Especially noteworthy is a ‘catch cage’ that has been installed around the jail perimeter doors. The surveillance system has also been updated. These along with other improvements will certainly enhance the safety and security of the facility. Jail Administrator (Jason) Juenger and the jail staff should be commended on their commitment to the operation of a safe and secure facility.”

For more on the Randolph County Jail, please see this week’s print edition.