Public hearing for county wind ordinance poorly attended

If one didn’t count the county officials, there was less than a dozen people from the public in attendance at the July 16 hearing about the proposed wind energy ordinance for Randolph County.

The meeting was held at St. Patrick’s Hall in Ruma and former Randolph County Land Resource Management Director Joe Hackler, along with Randolph County Commissioners David Holder, Marc Kiehna and Ronnie White, led the meeting. Randolph County Engineer Mike Riebeling also sat on the panel.

After introducing the officials in attendance, Hackler explained how they got to this proposed ordinance. He noted that the process started with the county’s planning commission back in January, and ended this June with the drafted ordinance.

The planning commission did diligent research on the topic of wind energy, reading through and comparing ordinances/policies of other counties. Hackler noted that 52 other Illinois counties already have wind ordinances, and they used those as a basis. The planning commission looked into problems those counties had and created a goal of getting Randolph County’s ordinance “right the first time.”

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