Proposed increase in water/sewer rates causes disagreement in Evansville

Despite being discussed at previous meetings, the matter of increasing water and sewer rates was a hot topic at the Nov. 13 Evansville Village Board meeting.

Last month, it was reported that the village’s water and sewer account was $17,000 behind for the first six months of the year. At that time, Village President Erwin “Red” Becker said that with the big bills they’ve had recently, “the only way to bail ourselves out is to raise the water and sewer rates.”

At that time, the proposed increase was $60 per year, which breaks down to $5 per month with half of that to go each to sewer and water.

When discussing the increase at this month’s meeting, Trustee Darren Kempfer asked if it would be enough and if they won’t have to raise rates again. The other trustees noted that there was no guarantee of that.

When it came to a vote, both Trustees Darren Kempfer and Justen Kempfer voted against the increase. Despite their opposition, all of the other trustees voted in favor and the increase was passed. The new rates will become effective with the December billing.

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