Progressive Family Care to address masks during school physical exams

Now is the time to schedule back-to-school and sports physicals. Even amid the COVID-19 pandemic, students must have a physical examination and all required immunizations before starting school. School and sports physicals have an added degree of importance this year as children prepare to wear masks for the majority of school related activities.

Michelle Cunningham, M.D., pediatrician at Progressive Family Care in Red Bud, Waterloo and Columbia explained, “Seeing your child in-person allows us to discuss their growth, development and emotional well-being. Children are experiencing stress knowing that COVID-19 is changing everything including their school routine and sports activities. The idea of wearing a mask for the majority of the day can cause anxiety that adds to the stress they are already feeling. I encourage you to bring your child’s mask to your back-to-school physical or sports physical appointment. We can discuss the fit, the breathability, and any concerns you and your child might have about the coming year. This is a pivotal time to assess many aspects of your child’s health so they are best prepared for the new school year.”

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