Prairie du Rocher plan moving forward despite COVID-19

STRATEGIC PLAN–Pictured is the cover of the strategic plan for Prairie du Rocher.

The Prairie du Rocher/Modoc/Edgar Lakes Levee District Strategic Plan took another giant leap this past week when printed copies of the document rolled off the press. The Steering Committee of the Community Foundation of Prairie du Rocher, the group that authored the plan, met last Saturday via telephone and videoconference, to map next steps in implementing plan recommendations.

“We are thankful that we live in a time of amazing technology,” said Ed Weilbacher, general manager of the Kaskaskia Regional Port District, who arranged connections for the meeting. Weilbacher is also a steering committee member and was integral to the idea of making the Prairie du Rocher region a national park.

“Several great ideas evolved from the two-year process of assembling this plan,” added Ray Cole, Prairie du Rocher village president and steering committee chairman. “The national park idea was certainly one of them. Another was a plan for sustainable revenue to help keep our levee system viable. There are steps to enhance the French element of the village, to entice riverboat tourists to visit, and many other ideas. Now, we have a roadmap and we’re going to follow it.”

Saturday’s discussion included distribution of printed copies to local, state and federal officials, as well as linking the plan to several websites for ready access digitally.

For more on Rocher’s strategic plan, please see this week’s print edition.