Luminant Energy, Baldwin Energy Complex made major contribution to Community Foundation

What a wonderful kickoff to our annual holiday campaign,” said Michele Cross, vice president of the community foundation of Randolph County. “Luminant Energy has designated the contribution for our scholarships fund and this very generous gift will help us build the wealth necessary to provide a base for future scholarship awards to Randolph County students.”

The Community Foundation of Randolph County awarded their first scholarship from the James I. Brockmeyer Memorial Endowment at the Regional Leaders Spring Breakfast.

We thank John Cooley and the employees of Luminant Energy, Baldwin for this amazing gift,” said Klay Tiemann, treasurer of the foundation. Tiemann added that the foundation holds two funds, in addition to the Brockmeyer Endowment. The first is for scholarships, originally endowed by the Regional Leaders Committee. The second, called the Good Deeds Fund and originally endowed by the Randolph County Progress Committee, is aimed at providing matching grants for community projects. All gifts to the foundation are invested in conservative stocks and mutual funds for the students and communities of Randolph County.

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