Locals are helping out by making face masks

MAKING MASKS–Several people in the area have begun making face masks. Pictured is Shirleen Schaefer with some of the masks she has made.

While the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and many hospitals question if homemade face masks provide any useful protection, many health care personnel and facilities are accepting them to give to patients and as a way to ensure they keep an adequate supply of personal protective equipment for health care personnel.

Susan Leinicke and Shirleen Schaefer are among some of the local people who have taken up the cause of making homemade masks. Both said they saw people online making the masks and decided they wanted to help the cause.

“There are several different ways to make them,” noted Leinicke. “I have been making two different ones, using a wire at the nose area so that the mask can fit tighter.” She had also tried making one out of a bandana, sewing in a wire and using extra material.

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