Local group hopes to inspire youth to do more outdoors

SUPPORTING YOUTH HUNTERS–The Hit-N-Miss Foundation is excited to hold their youth deer season weigh in event this weekend in Schuline. All youth are invited to come weigh in their deer, regardless of size, and be eligible to win prizes at the prize drawing event to be held on Oct. 14.

With “a desire to inspire the area’s youth and teach them to enjoy the outdoors and our hunting and angling traditions,” the Hit-N-Miss Foundation was formed in 2008.

And after a decade of helping local youth build a love of the outdoors, the original group was starting to think of quitting. So this year, a new group decided to take up the cause and put new life into the organization.

At the group’s meeting last week, Hit-N-Miss Secretary Matt Price met with local media to discuss the organization’s past as well as their plans for the future.

In addition to Price serving as the organization’s secretary, Jeremy Long is the president, Josh Long is the treasurer and there is a board of trustees. The new group has also made the organization officially a 501(c)(3) non-profit this year.

He noted that the organization’s original founders have been very supportive of the new group and have helped by giving the new group all of their items, donor contacts and more. And, he added that much of the southern Illinois community has been very supportive of the organization and their mission.

For more on the Hit-N-Miss Foundation, please see this week’s print edition.