Local girl makes national headlines by trading cookies at XFL game

FAMOUS TRADE–Loreli Aubuchon of Red Bud got a lot of media attention on Sunday afternoon after she traded a box of Girl Scout cookies to BattleHawks player Casey Sayles for a football.

On Sunday, Feb. 23, many area football fans either traveled to St. Louis or tuned in to watch the new St. Louis BattleHawks XFL team play in their sold out home opening game. But for one Red Bud girl, that Sunday is a day she’ll never forget.

Loreli Aubuchon attended the game with her father, Eli Aubuchon, as well as the Heller family – Jon, Cassie, Stella and Henry. 

The children were already bound to have a great time, as they were part of the “Helmet Helper” program. This allowed them to be down on the field, forming part of the human tunnel for the players to run through at the start of the game. In doing this, they were also able to high-five the players as they ran by.

By all accounts the game was a good one, and the BattleHawks defeated the New York Guardians 29-9. But the play of the game that everyone is still talking about was when one of the players swapped a football for a box of Girl Scout Thin Mint cookies.

Loreli had made a sign, offering to trade a box of the cookies for a BattleHawks football, and brought it to the game. She held it out and waited patiently, and her efforts paid off.

At one point in the game, the announcers commented about her sign, saying someone should get her a ball. Then someone in a suit came over and told her wait there. It wasn’t long after that when #90, Casey Sayles, walked up to where Loreli was standing and traded a ball for the cookies. The sports broadcast captured the trade and also when Sayles opened the box and ate a cookie as he walked away.

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