Josh Bagley announces candidacy for state senator

Josh Bagley

Army Special Operations Veteran Josh Bagley announced recently in a campaign statement posted to Facebook that he was running for state senate in the Illinois 58thDistrict.

“For too long, southern Illinois has gone under-represented in Springfield, and it shows. The state is creating new opportunities daily, both with jobs and projects, yet our region continues to get nothing. We have watched as our tax dollars and good-paying jobs go to areas that have more effective representation. Our farmers have watched as industry farms, who’s owners have never done a hard day’s work in their lives, buy up land from their neighbors, hurting the competitive profits of family farms. While all this is happening, our current representation sits up in Springfield and stomps their feet about partisan politics, while refusing to actually participate in the government to bring incentives home,” he stated.

For more on Bagley, please see this week’s print edition.