“Friendly neighborhood Spider-Man” bringing cheer to local communities

PLAY BALL–Casey Carnahan of Red Bud shared this picture of “Spider-Man” playing catch with her son Jackson, in the foreground, and other children at Lincoln Park on July 18.

Over the past few weeks, people may have noticed a superhero or two making random appearances in many local communities.

The “White Vans Spider-Man,” aptly called for his Spider-Man costume and white Vans sneakers, has been spotted in Red Bud, Sparta, Chester, Waterloo, Columbia, Coulterville and a few other local towns.

In talking with the North County News, Spider-Man noted that the biggest thing that most people want to ask him is “who are you?”

“Who I am doesn’t matter,” he responded, adding that he likes to keep an air of mystery. And, he pointed out, most people in this area wouldn’t know him anyway.

While he does have family in the area, he’s only visiting. He likes to travel and has been to 40 states so far and many major cities.

Originally, Spider-Man had only planned to visit in the local area for a week, and had the idea of donning the famous superhero costume for a weekend. But plans changed and he ended up sticking around longer.

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