Evansville looks at possible grants

In a change of scenery, the Evansville Village Board met on Monday night at the firehouse to allow for proper social distancing, with some trustees also participating over the phone. Water issues, along with some police and fire issues, were the main topics of discussion.

Trustee Pam Brueggemann started off by reporting that there had been some water leaks and electrical issues that were addressed. This included repairing a pump that had parts that were over 20 years old and getting a generator rebuilt.

The board quickly approved of a flood plain ordinance. Trustee Nancy Schilling noted that the county had updated flood maps and these needed to be approved by Aug. 5 and given to FEMA or the village and residents would not be able to have flood insurance. She said the only change was the date on the maps.

A possible fast track grant to replace the water line from Ellis Grove to Evansville was discussed by the board. At this time, the matter was just informational and not action was taken.

For more from the Evansville Village Board meeting, please see this week’s print edition.