Evansville board considers changing age in their golf cart/UTV ordinance

Should 16 year olds be allowed to drive golf carts in Evansville was a question the village board considered at the meeting Monday night.

Village President Erwin “Red” Becker brought up the topic, adding that when the village originally set up the ordinance allowing golf carts/UTVs to be driven in town, the minimum age was set at 21. Later it was dropped down to 18, and now the board had received requests to lower it to 16.

Resident Dawn Johnson asked the board to consider the idea and provided some reasons to consider doing so, including the fact that golf carts are limited to go no faster than 25 miles per hour and that 16 year olds are able to drive vehicles legally. 

“If a 16 year old can drive a vehicle legally, why can’t they drive this?” she asked the board.

Most of the board agreed with Johnson, however there were still a few concerns.

For more from the Evansville Village Board meeting, please see this week’s print edition.