Evansville approves of employee pay raises

While there wasn’t much on the agenda for Monday night, the Evansville board still had a few items to discuss.

One of the bigger items of the evening was pay increases for village employees.

Proposed was a 1.6 percent increase, retroactive to May 1, for Village Superintendent Ed Braun, Village Collector Sherry Walter, and seasonal employees Roy Ford and Mark McConachie.

It was noted that Braun’s increase was per his contract with the village. Overall, the total cost of these raises for the year would be $1,346.20, with most going towards Braun. 

The board approved of the raises, but Trustee Kenny Kempfer cautioned the board that they need to start being aware of all their spending, as spending might become tight in the future thanks to COVID-19. 

“We need to keep that in the back of our minds with anything we spend over the next few months,” he said. “It’s all going to matter over the next few months, everything adds up.”

For more from the Evansville board, please see this week’s print edition.