EAC hosted “Hidden in Plain Sight” event Feb. 7

IN PLAIN SIGHT–The Southern Illinois Substance Abuse Alliance held a Hidden In Plain Sight event recently at Evansville Attendance Center. Pictured at the event are: EAC Principal Chris Miesner, Gateway Foundation Outreach Coordinator Michelle Bertinetti, Randolph County Health Department Acting Administrator Yvonne Vieregge, and Human Service Center Director of Quality Assurance and Development Kendra Kennedy.

The Southern Illinois Substance Abuse Alliance (SISAA) held a “Hidden in Plain Sight” event at the Evansville Attendance Center on Feb. 7.

Parents walked through a mock teenager’s room to see if they could spot signs of possible drug misuse. Michelle Bertinetti, outreach coordinator with the Gateway Foundation, then educated those in attendance on the paraphernalia present in the room that they may have overlooked. Her presentation was very informative and educated parents so they can recognize the signs of drug misuse.

Evansville Attendance Center Principal Chris Miesner noted, “The program is an amazing resource for parents to learn more about current drug trends and concerns they need to be aware of for the overall safety of their children. The parents that walked through the exhibit stated how informational it was and that it helped them to come up with questions to ask their children and what to watch out for.”

For more on this event, please see this week’s print edition.