COVID-19 vaccine to arrive in Randolph County this week

In the past week, new guidelines covering quarantine were issued, as well as updates on the plan for how the vaccine will be distributed.

Both Randolph County Health Department Administrator Angela Oathout and Monroe County Health Department Administrator John Wagner on Dec. 9 reported that there were new guidelines for isolation and quarantine. They noted that a local health department has the authority under administrative rule to enforce quarantine and isolation orders for people and businesses under their jurisdiction.

At this time, the health departments will require and support the 10 day minimum quarantine period for individuals considered a close contact to a positive case. Individuals who reside (not work) in a congregate setting (i.e. long term care facility, county jail, prison, assisted living) will remain under the 14 day quarantine guidelines due to the vulnerability of this population to the virus.

In addition, they will not support the option to test out of quarantine after 7 days with a negative PCR test. The logistics and general understanding of the different types of test present complications to the enforcement of such an order to test out at 7 days. The requirement of a PCR test, often, does not allow an earlier release than 10 days due to reporting and lab turnaround time.

For more COVID-19 updates, please see this week’s print edition.