County commissioners approve of amendments to zoning ordinances

Several ordinance amendments and a resignation were approved at the June 27 Randolph County Board of Commissioners meeting.

Randolph County Land Resource Management Director Joe Hackler presented the commissioners with three of the ordinances, all of which amended current ordinances.

The first ordinance dealt with the use of storage containers as homes. Commissioner Marc Kiehna commented that there are several television shows that feature people turning storage containers into tiny homes.

Hackler noted that the county did not have building codes regulating shipping container homes. “We can’t really regulate how they live in them, but we can create provisions for safety purposes,” he said.

The ordinance amendment allows for “industrial-grade steel containers used for storage; also known as freight containers, ISO containers, intermodal containers, shipping containers, high-cube containers, portable storage units, conex boxes or sea cans,” to be used as homes on individual lots. 

In using one of these containers as a dwelling, lot size/setbacks are the same as with any other dwelling, only one will be allowed per lot, they must be placed on a permanent foundation, they must be anchored, and all commercial logos and other marks of commercial use must be covered with siding or paint. 

It was pointed out that when used as dwellings, the storage containers will still need to be in compliance with health codes and have a proper septic system, etc.

For more from the Board of Commissioners meeting, please see this week’s print edition.